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buy telegram members

buy telegram members with best price and quality, real and fake telegram members

subscribers on telegram

in this page we want tell you best solution for increase subscribers on telegram channel and groups.

best solution for increase telegram subscribers is advertising. for increase channel and group members u can use all advertising ways.

advertising for get real subscribers

1- buy real members with force add subscribers

this solution is lower price for advertising on telegram and get real members, but this way have some problem, when you add members on your channel or group with force add method , members don’t know why add on your channel and when they are see your channel or group and didn’t like your channel , they can leave from it.

usually this way have high drop rate ( near 60% )

for decrease drop rate we add members on your channel in mute mode, means when u send a post on your channel members didn’t see alert of your channel.

2- buy fake members

for new channel and group before start advertising this is best solution, for example u open a telegram channel and see the channel have only 200 members, usually u leave fast from it but when u see the channel have more than 50k members usually users see the last posts of channel cause they want know why 50k members join on it.

fake members have low drop rate (near 15%)

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real telegram subscribers

add real telegram followers with force add method. in this type of members, they added to your channel with force. u just know that real members can leave from your channel and have high drop rate.

fake telegram subscribers

fake telegram followers with non drop rate. actually telegram remove sometimes some of telegram virtual number accounts. then u see drop rate in fake telegram followers. fake followers usually have 15% drop rate

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we are some solution for our customers.

1- u can pay by paypal with this website

2- u can buy coins from our app on google play with google payment and send order

3- u can contact with us directly and tell us your order and pay by BTC, webmoney, Perfect money and any other crypto currency

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